Karapiro School

Our Board of Trustees

Marilynn Jones

Presiding Member (Chairperson)

Silvana Ferreira

Parent Trustee

JP Daly

Parent Trustee

Aneka SievertsParent Trustee
Michelle BennettParent Trustee
Sharon MarriottParent Trustee

Tina-Maree Thatcher


Tina Turkilsen

Staff Trustee

Silvana Ferreira, Daniel Churstain, Tina Turkilsen, Michelle Bennett
Marilynn Jones, Aneka Sieverts, JP Daly, Tina-Maree Thatcher

The Karāpiro School Board of Trustees works on behalf of the school community and is accountable for the school’s performance. Front of mind always is to make considered decisions in the best interests our students, allowing them to achieve to their full potential.

The Board of Trustees has the responsibility of governing the school and welcomes input from parents and regularly seeks to consult with the community when establishing the school's direction, writing policies and forming long term plans, etc.  The Board is made up of elected parents, a staff trustee and the Principal and elections are held every three years.

We focus on strategic planning towards our school vision, and ensure that it complies with legal requirements. The board accomplishes this via our school charter and policies, with clear delegation to our principal who we entrust the responsibility to manage the day-to-day operations of the school.

You are invited to contact our Presiding Member Marilynn Jones marilynn@karapiro.school.nz or Principal Tina-Maree Thatcher principal@karapiro.school.nz  if you would like more information on our Board of Trustees.