Karapiro School


 Update: 7 September 2021


Dear parents, caregivers and whānau,


You will be aware of the Prime Ministers announcement that we are returning to Level 2 at midnight tonight.  Karāpiro School will be open for instruction on Thursday 9 September at 9am. 

We are very pleased to be getting ready to welcome our students back to their classes after almost 3 weeks at home under Covid-19 Lockdown engaged in emergency remote learning.  It was never intended to be, and never could be, a substitute for learning collaboratively in class.  We are all looking forward to having our students back at school. I’m sure many of you will share this sentiment. Online contact from school staff will be suspended tomorrow (Wednesday) as staff head to school to prepare for the students to return on Thursday. 

Level 2 however, does not mean business as usual. Please read the information below very carefully.  There are some changes of procedures and expectations that will have to be employed to adhere to the Covid-19 Alert Level 2 Delta restrictions which will affect you and our students. 

Health and wellbeing

Parents are required to keep any sick children at home.   If a sick child comes to school, we will send them home.  Wherever possible, young people and staff should be far enough away from each other so that they are not breathing on or touching each other.  This will be coupled with good hygiene practices and regular cleaning of commonly touched surfaces.

Face masks:  Face coverings are not mandated for use when in schools.

However, the Director General of Health strongly encourages staff and students aged 12 and above to wear face coverings in secondary school settings to align with the requirements when out and about and indoor public places. This is not a requirement for anyone in a school setting. If students wish to wear a mask at school this is a purely personal decision which we will support.

Water fountains:   At Karāpiro School our water fountains will be closed.   Students may choose to use a named water bottle which can be re-filled at school.

Assemblies & events:  In line with advice on ‘mass gatherings’ you will not be invited to any assemblies and large-scale events.   However, routine attendance at school by children and staff is not considered a ‘mass gathering’ because they are considered ‘managed environments’. [Both the Rural Schools Cross Country and the Cambridge Interschool Cross Country events have been cancelled].

Access to the school site during Alert Level 2

Strict contact tracing will be adhered to across the school at all times. In order to comply with this, we must restrict access to our school.

Students:   Students are able to access the school via the carpark by the rear student gate only. There is NO student access at the front gate  – this gate (and car park) is for contact-traceable visitor access only. 

Parents:   Any parents who want to enter the school site will be required to register at the school office and will be given a visitor’s tag.  At Level 2 parents are encouraged to email teachers if there is something you wish to discuss and make a time to call meet, call by phone or Zoom.

Visitors:    All visitors to the school will be required to register at the school office and will be given a visitor’s tag. 

Access to the School Office will be limited and for urgent matters only.  This will be restricted to one person at a time and distancing procedures will be initiated at the front of the school. Masks must be worn by visitors (including parents) who enter the office area.


Drop-off & pick-up procedures   

Wherever possible, students should arrive no earlier than 8.30am. Safety and driveway speed remains a priority so please take care around our school.  If waiting outside the fence for your children, please observe social distancing guidelines and/or wear masks. While we understand that families enjoy using this time to catch up with others, the quicker we can clear the waiting areas the better for everyone. All students should be collected from school by 3.15pm. 

Contact tracing remains of vital importance at Level 2. As a general rule parents MUST NOT enter the school site to locate their children.  If it is essential that a parent comes onsite, they must register at the school office and be issued a visitor pass.

Our school playground is closed at 3:00pm.  Students are not allowed to return to school at the end of the school day to play.


Return of electronic devices

Any electronic devices and chargers issued by the school must be returned to school upon return to school this week.  They remain the property of Karāpiro School. 

These procedures are essential to help ensure the safety and wellbeing of our whole school community.  Thank you for your ongoing support of our school staff and the learning of our students over the last 3 weeks.

With kind regards,

Tina-Maree and the Karāpiro Staff Team