Karapiro School

 Update: 20 August 2021


Dear parents, caregivers and whānau,

I hope this Update finds you and your family well. As we might have been expecting, Lockdown at Covid-19 Alert Level4 will continue into next week and possibly for some time to come.

We will be starting emergency remote learning next Monday in anticipation of it being extended further.  Please remember this form of learning cannot replace the rich engagement of the classroom.  Please also remember some of the lessons from the last lockdown:


·        We do not expect your children to be online 24/7 (or teachers to be available 24/7!)

·        We expect varied levels of engagement in families owing to specific family circumstances

·    Emergency remote learning will start gradually and will look different between the classrooms

·        Allow for some down-time during the day for yourselves and your children

·        Don’t expect emergency remote learning to have replaced classroom content when back at school

To enable an online component for more students, we are looking to distribute school devices to homes that really need one.

Loan devices

Families who borrow a school device will be responsible for its safekeeping, and will need to return them as soon as students are able to return to school.  Students using school devices and school email accounts, will need to abide by the digital user agreement. We need to know which students require their device for home learning (Chromebook or iPad). These will be available for you to collect from school between 12pm-1pm only on Monday 23 August in the school parent car park under strict Ministry of Health guidelines. Staff will deliver to your car wearing face masks and gloves - please ensure you are also wearing a facemask. Please complete the link below and let us know what your child needs.


Planning for essential workers

We also need to update our Covid-19 Alert Level3 roll of students whose parents are essential workers (in a future move to Level 3).

To assist in planning for digital devices and students of essential workers could you please complete this Google Form before 10am Monday 23 August  Student Devices and Planning for Level 3

Contact details

If your contact details have recently changed, please email our Office Manager Lynda Smith urgently at office@karapiro.school.nz


Online learning

On Monday your child’s classroom teacher will make contact with you with further information about online learning which will use Seesaw as our portal for communication and Zoom for connecting. Students will also be supplied with logins and passcodes for Reading Eggs and Mathletics. ‘Learning Links @ Home’ will be available on the school website with additional online learning links. Our school website also holds a range of information for families which you can access via the COVID-19 button at www.karapiro.school.nz

We will be in touch again soon with further updates which you will receive via email and the school website. As you have been doing, please keep connecting with your teachers with any questions you might have. For any further information on COVID-19 please visit the Ministry of Health.



With kind regards


Tina-Maree & the Karāpiro Staff Team