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Newsletter Week 8 Term 4 2019

2 December 2019 - 2 December 2020


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Week 8 Term 4 2019

Kia ora ki nga whānau me nga hoa o te kura tuatahi o Karapiro. Greetings to all families and friends of Karapiro School. 

Office Manager - Vacancy

Applications have now closed for our Office Manager vacancy. We have had a very high level of interest in the position, receiving 62 applications. We are now working our way through the application process and we will advise you as soon as our process is complete. In the meantime we would like to thank Destiny Thom who has been helping me in the school office, and also Sarah-Jane as she continues to work with me to finalise the end of year school accounts.

Sports @ Karapiro School

Our final Touch Rugby game was played last Friday at St Peters and the final Miniball game for the season is Monday 9 December at Cambridge High School. Thank you to our parents and teachers who work together to provide these sporting opportunities for our students. It has been awesome to see the personal growth and development of our students through their participation in team sports. We look forward to acknowledging students who have improved their game or made valuable contributions to their team at our school Prizegiving on December 12th. 

CAMP 2019 Thank You

Our 2019 CAMP was a huge success and it was a great opportunity to grow for everyone involved.

To our students:    Thank you for having the courage to try new things and to get to know other students at your school. It was wonderful to see our students embrace the concept of tuakana teina and our older students supporting and guiding the younger ones. There were challenges for everyone, each as unique and as individual as you are, and the school staff and I are very proud of what you have achieved.

To our parents:    Thank you for supporting this camp by sending your students along and many of you choosing to come along as well. We literally couldn’t do this type of learning experience without you and we appreciate that many of you gave up valuable time from your busy work and family life to be there. Thank you for your support of the teaching and learning opportunities inherent in this type of experience and for allowing students to find their own way and to choose their challenges. Thank you also to the Karapiro School PTA for easing the financial costs for our families. 

To our teachers:    Thank you for your ongoing support for EOTC (Education Outside the Classroom) events and for your organising and planning that lead up to the camp itself. Once again, Anne, you have organised a learning-focussed school camp with opportunities for all to grow. As with all events of this nature, there was a long lead in to the planning behind the scenes (2 years in this case!) and there is a large amount of liaison and planning that happens along the way. Thank you also to our teachers for giving up time away from your personal lives and families to attend overnight, so that our students can have these opportunities. It is much appreciated.

All families have been emailed a ‘Camp Review’ and we invite your feedback as we review the camp with staff and students. It is important to us to understand what worked well and what we can improve on and we use this information when planning future EOTC events. 

Karapiro School Governance

Robert and Tina-Maree are in regular contact regarding the governance of the school and Robert will give a governance update in the next newsletter.

Education Review Office

Our education review is now complete and we are celebrating a very positive review that acknowledges the great work our school staff have done in lifting student progress and achievement across the school. The review is now being finalised and will be available online once complete. Thank you to everyone involved.

Property - Classroom Upgrade Project

Our Classroom Upgrade project is well underway and Rooms 1 & 2 will be upgraded and our new science lab built. Our project managers, Greenstone Group, are in the process of tendering our project and construction is scheduled to begin in January and is expected to be completed by the end of Term 1. We are hopeful we will be moving into our new space in Term 2. The designers have drafted some colour samples which have just arrived at school and you are welcome to pop into the office and have a look (see below). A reminder that all property project information is available for parents on the school website. 

Book Character Day

On Friday 13 December we are holding our ‘Book Character Day’. This is a fun event where we celebrate literacy and reading and students are invited to come along dressed as their favourite book character. We have a mystery storyteller coming along to entertain us with their passion for children's books and stories. We also have an exciting student-led initiative this year which is a book stall, where there will be pre-loved books available to purchase for 50 cents or $1. All proceeds with go to the local SPCA. If you have any books that you would like to donate to the stall please drop them off at the school office. Thank you.  

Thank You Morning Tea

We extend a warm invitation to all parents and community members who have helped out at Karapiro School over the course of 2019 to our Thank You Morning Tea. We very much appreciate your contributions - no matter how big or small, whether private or public. There are so many of you who help us in so many ways. Please come along and let us say thank you at our Thank You Morning Tea, 10.30am on Friday 13 December, in the Multi-Purpose Room.

Learning Celebration Assembly

You are warmly invited to our next assembly on Friday 6 December which will be co-presented by Room 3 and Room 4. Assembly starts at 2.30pm in the MP Room. 

We are also going to run a special additional assembly on Friday 13 December as we have a number of awards to give out, including ICAS certificates and athletics certificates.  We will also say thank you and farewell to Miss Embling. You are welcome to join us at the slightly earlier start time of 2.15pm. 

Wet and Wild Wednesday!

Starting at 11.00am on Wednesday 18th December, students (in tuakana teina groups led by our senior students), will all be rotating around water based activities such as a water slide, water fights, swimming and a range of team water challenges.  There will be a sausage sizzle on the day (more information to come), and we will have a shared school morning tea with the biscuits and muesli bars left over from camp.  Families are welcome to join us, as long as any extra children are accompanied by an adult.  

Swimming Pool

Thank you Mr Byron Trump who is keeping our school pool sparkling! Our pool is solar heated however students can get cold very quickly when they get out of the pool so teachers will judge on the day as to whether their class will swim. Please send togs and towel every day so that teachers can take that option if possible. Thank you. 

School pool keys are now available to the community for the 2019 season. School families can hire a key for $50 (includes $10 refundable cash bond for key). We invite our local community to hire a key for $70 (includes $10 refundable cash bond for key).

Health & PE Curriculum - Athletics

Congratulations to our students who qualified and attended the Cambridge Interschool Athletics event on Friday at the Vogel Street Athletics Grounds and thank you to our parents for taking them along. We are awaiting the official results from the organisers.

Well done to our junior team for organising a great Junior Athletics Day last week which was well attended by a large group of parents. Thank you so much for coming along! Parents have told us they were impressed with the range of foundation skills the junior students are learning and can see the progression up through the Health & Physical Education curriculum.

Karapiro Christmas Choir

Our school choir is well underway with Ms Turkilsen & Miss Embling, and students are rehearsing with the teachers Thursday lunchtimes. Students will perform at the Cambridge Town Hall at 11am on Tuesday 17 December. There is a permission and transport form coming home with students today. Please send this back to the school office as soon as possible. Thank you. 

The purpose of the Karapiro Christmas Choir is to:

 ·     Foster a love of music and singing

·      An opportunity to learn and know some traditional Christmas carols

·      An opportunity to learn how to perform musical items in front of their family and friends

·      An opportunity to provide a service to their community

·      An opportunity to interact with the older generation in the Cambridge community

2019 Prizegiving

For the first time this year we are combining our sports prizegiving with our end of year prizegiving. For the first time we will acknowledge all sports played by our students (traditionally it has only ever been winter sports that were recognised). We hope you are able to join us at 6.30pm on Thursday 12 December at the Raleigh Street Christan Centre. As usual we will also take the time to farewell our Year 6 leavers and present class awards. We will ask for a gold cold donation on the night to cover the hireage of the venue. Thank you. 

Road Safety 

Since our stakeholder meeting with Tim van de Molen, Karapiro School students and myself have met with local MP’s and journalists for newspaper articles and we have written letters to the Prime Minister. You can read these here We will continue to keep this issue ‘live’ and we will provide links to published articles for our community on our Facebook page. Let’s get some action on road safety!

Update: We are working closely with Philip Coles to have some temporary road signs erected to warn that our location is a high crash zone (Philip is also working on a permanent solution for road signage too). We have a copy of Louise Upston’s road petition for you to sign in the school office or you can visit online by going to Save the Cambridge to Tirau Expressway

Wheels Day Wednesday

This term we are holding our ‘Wheels Day Wednesdays’ in our new car park. Students are invited to bring their wheels for lunch time play in the car park. We section off the driveway and Miss Thatcher supervises their play from 12.30-1pm. Check out the videos on Facebook! Lots of fun but safety first so don’t forget your helmet. 

Music @ Karapiro School

At Karapiro School we understand how beneficial learning to read and play music is for our students. Mrs June McKenzie visits our school for music lessons on Thursdays and Fridays. Please make contact with us if you are interested in your child learning piano, guitar or ukulele with June. We also have access to a drum teacher. Please contact Music House at www.musichouse.co.nz and enrol with our school online. 

School Accounts

Thank you for ensuring your school accounts are now paid to the school office. This supports our office practices as we wind up the school year and our audit processes that are underway. Thank you. 

Karapiro Kids Are Sun Smart Kids

Term 4 ushers in the need for sun hats.  In line with our Sun Smart procedures we require all students to wear sun smart hats (full brim) in Terms 1 and 4 to help protect from UV rays.  This also applies on ’cloudy’ days as UV still affects us through the clouds.  For more information go to sunsmart info.


Keep up to date with school events by visiting the Calendar on our school website. A reminder for our families that school finishes for the year at 3pm on Thursday 19th December.

Sharing Student Work...

Room 4 students have been working on alliterative writing. Check out these fun sentences they created together!

Room 4’s Amazing Alliterative writing:

Aylah always eats apples.

Ronja really runs rapidly over the roof.

Long Lucy likes to lick lambs.

Levi’s lovely lamb likes to lick legs! 

Happy Hugo plays with Harley and Hunter. 

Magical Matthew makes marshmallow mice. 

Zachary the zebra zips and zooms on the zipline. 

Darcy the dog likes to dance with dolphins. 

Ellah enjoys eating elephants. 

Nice Nicola needs nests.

Every evening Emmy eats egg toast. 

Interesting Isla likes ice and ice cream. 

Amazing Arizona always eats apples. 

Mason the magical mouse made a movie! 

Georgia goes to get her goat. 

Harley hugs hamburgers and horses. 

Ben bit a burger while biking

Hunter hunts for honey and hamburgers. 

Cordelia cooks cute crimson cupcakes. 

Eli eats eggs and Easter eggs. 

Whaea Faye is fast like fire. 

Mrs Naylor is nice and neat in her nest. 

Staff News

We have received the resignation of Anne Mackey who is moving on from Karapiro School. Anne has made a considerable contribution over her 4 years at the school, as our Deputy Principal and teacher in our senior class. During her time with us her responsibilities have included sports and EOTC and we have increased the number of opportunities available to our students through Anne’s passion for learning outside of the classroom. We are proud of being part of Anne’s journey in education and we know that we have learned and grown together. We wish Anne all the very best going forward and sincerely thank Anne for all that she has done for Karapiro School. 

To all our students, their whaanau and the extended Karapiro School community.  The time has come for me to move on from Karapiro School; I will be finishing up at the end of this term.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has worked, learned, and laughed alongside me these past 4 years. Ehara taku toa i te toa takitahi he toa takitini - I didn't get here by myself, I got here with the help of others.  Not being someone who enjoys the limelight, at my request, there will be no farewell held for me.  I have asked that I be permitted to say farewell to the students and staff in my own way, in my own time, I thank you for your understanding.   Ngaa mihi nui.  Anne 

Classes for 2020

In 2020 we welcome back Mrs Marilynn Jones who will be teaching our Year 5/6 senior class in Term 1. We also welcome Miss Zara McGuinn to our staff and she will teach our Year 3 & 4 class. We will be relocating classes due to our Classroom Upgrade project. Our plan is to recruit a new deputy principal early in 2020. Mrs Cheryl Naylor will be our acting deputy principal. We will keep the community informed of the process in due course. 

Our staffing plan for Term 1 of 2020 is as follows: 


Ms Tina-Maree Thatcher


Mrs Marilynn Jones

Years 5 & 6

MP Room


Miss Zara McGuinn

Years 3 & 4

Room 4

Teacher, SENCO

Ms Tina Turkilsen

Years 1 & 2

Room 3

Teacher, Acting DP

Mrs Cheryl Naylor

New Entrants & Year 1

Room 5

Speech Language Therapist

Mrs Margaret Ng

Learning Support

Whaea Faye Collier

Office Manager

To be advised

After School Care

Miss Destiny Thom

At Karapiro School our staff make decisions around class placement together and we consider a range of factors including social, emotional needs, age and learning needs. We are happy to speak with you if you wish to discuss this with us. Our staffing plan is subject to change and we will make our final decision in mid January before school begins. Construction on our Classroom Upgrade Project is scheduled to begin in January and we expect this to be completed by the end of Term 1. Please see your child’s teacher if you have any queries regarding your child’s class for 2020.

Our doors are always open for you. Please do come in and see us if there is anything you wish to discuss about teaching and learning.

Ngā mihi nui

Tina-Maree & Staff

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